Bridge Pottery Collective

A group of potters sharing a studio in Edinburgh, Scotland

A Potter A Painter And A Poet

After getting a lovely treatment by Fiona, who runs Flee In Edder at St Margarets’ House, we both went down to visit the new exhibition in the galleries of the 3rd floor,  A Potter a Painter and a Poet

I just received a new [to me] camera, so hopefully these photos do the exhibition a bit of justice, but as Fiona and I were saying, you just can’t capture the space between the works, and also the depth of texture of the pots. It really is  a wonderful exhibition, over three galleries.

The first photos are of Gallery One, the largest space, covering a whole wing of the building. The ceramic work in here is textural, dark, mossy and lustred here and there with gold.




P1070403.This incredible glaze looks like the pots have been dredged from the bottom of a river.


This is a cheesy sparkle effect that comes with my camera, isn’t it delightful?!

P1070381Part of a series of large scale paintings of leaves through the seasons, absolutely beautiful.

P1070382These amazing effects of cracking and disintegration are so impressive, especially when exhibited in numbers.

P1070387A lot of the pots contained water, and floating ceramic spheres. These would look incredible outside, in a garden, overflowing with rain water.

P1070394This cabinet had a tiny collection of gilded nut shells and teeny tiny pots, so cute!

In Gallery Two the work is lighter, in colour and in feeling. Shiny pots, ethereal paintings of the pots and lovely poems to complete the feeling of being cocooned in a world of ceramic and paint.


P1070417This collection of pots is just gorgeous. You really have to see them in person.

P1070415This crystalline glaze gives different effects depending on the angle of surface, the position in the kiln, etc etc *insert technical talk here* but essentially you get the idea… gorgeous pots!

P1070420Mmmmmm… this pot has an accompanying painting behind which I didn’t photograph. Imagine having the pot and the painting in your home?!

P1070421This moon jar is my favourite, the glaze is soooo close to hitting the ground. It’s like a cloud floating.



The third gallery is the smallest, and set up like  a workshop. Paul Tebble, the potter behind ALL these pots [you really have to see how much work is in the show, and the quality is staggering, I am incredibly inspired] is a ‘friend of’ our Bridge Pottery Collective and has been since we set up.

The free exhibition will be on until 30th August, and I really cannot recommend it enough.

P1070379In case you’ve never been to St Margaret’s House before, this is the entrance. Don’t be scared by the governmental vibe, it’s much nicer inside!


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