Bridge Pottery Collective

Filling the gap between student potter to self-employed ceramist


Bridge Pottery Collective 2023 Exhibition: Legacy_ An homage to Alison Robinson through clay. 6 to 13 May 2023

The members of the Bridge Pottery Collective will exhibit a collection of work from Alison Robinson, Poldrate Pottery and current and former members of the Bridge Pottery Collective to showcase her contribution to the ceramics arts community.

This exhibition will present the works from former BPC members; Avesha DeWolfe (, Tiziana Schembry (, Tricia Thom (, Hephzibah Kilbride (, Andy Lang (, Hazel Frost (, Jan Turnovsky, Sarah McLeary (, Jo Miller (, Katherine Sola (, Ania Grajek (@aniarchist), Lexie Macleod (, Robert Hunter (, Susie Dalton (

Together with current members of the collective: Adriana Sombrano (, Adrienne Mee, Amy Robinson (@ozandpots), Aurora Pinyes (@aurorapinyes_ceramics), Caroline Gillwood (@csgillwood), Geroge Perry (@gerogeperrypots), Joanna Ramasawmy (@joanna.ramasawmy), Lea Harris (@lealovespottery), Mohamed Tonsy (, Nesli Tepehan (, Susan Kidd, Victoria Benke (@tori_bagjo)

Preview Friday, 5 May, 6:30 to 8:30

Opening hours: Saturdays 10 – 5 pm & Sunday: 12 to 5pm

Mon-Fri: 4 to 8 pm.

See the work that the member prepared for this event in our Instagram feed #ARLegacy2023

Gallery 1 (3rd Floor) 
St Margaret’s House
151 London Road
Edinburgh EH7 6AE

Poster design by Nesli Tepehan (@aporetic_encounters)


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