Bridge Pottery Collective

A group of potters sharing a studio in Edinburgh, Scotland

Joining BPC

If you have experience of working with clay and want to do more, as a hobby or to sell your work, do get in touch.

Our maximum group size is 13 members, and we often have a waiting list, but if we can’t help we will try and offer contacts with other facilities.

There is no one working full-time in the studio, we all contribute our time and energy to ensure the smooth running of the group.

What sort of experience do you need?

We don’t offer classes, but we do offer space to work and shared facilities [inc. kilns] storage for work in progress and clay/glazes. We fire work collectively, after undergoing training from our technician.

Ideally members have a good knowledge of working with clay, projects they’re happy to work on individually, and knowledge of glazing. Knowledge of firing kilns is useful, but not essential.

We are a friendly group, and none of us work in the studio full time, so all members are expected to take part in group meetings, and play their part in the smooth running of the group and shared space.

If you are interested, leave a comment, although we are currently at full capacity for membership.


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